Market Start-up workshop

One of my roles as the Coordinator of the Mount Waddington Community Food Initiative is to work as a connector, looking for common threads of need and gaps across the region, and then bringing people together to address these needs.

A common theme I have noticed across the region is over access to local food. Across the region, people have expressed a hunger for locally grown, fresh foods.

One way we are addressing this is through the seasonal market near Hyde Creek.  This developing market is organized by a volunteer coordinator, the lovely Neva Perrot, and the theme is “handmade, homemade, homegrown”.  The market operates rain or shine, and word is fresh foods sell out fast! Below are the dates for the upcoming season.

market dates 2015

NI Farmers Market 2015 Dates. taken from the North Island Farmer’s Market Facebook group

There is interest, as well, in starting additional temporary markets/farm stands in the region. So I am happy to announce that we are going to have a workshop to support market and vendor start-up. For more information on this workshop or to put your name on the list, please contact me via email at:

We will listen to a presentation about rules and regulations from an Island Health Environmental Health Officer.

We will be using the following 2 resources:

Guidelines for Farmer’s Markets and  the Pocket Market Toolkit

Prior to the workshop, attendees are encouraged to consult the by-laws of the area in which they plan to host their market.

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