Let’s Gather and Grow

It’s so great to see all of the Food Security activity that has happened, is happening, or is about to happen across the region.

Food Security is a phrase we often hear these days, but what does it really mean? I really like the explanation given in the Summer 2014 edition of the Island Health Magazine.  You can find the full article here

Food Security is a phrase often heard these days. While it may conjure up visions of locking up your broccoli, what it really means is that healthy food is available on a regular basis now, and into the future for everyone in our community.  Food Security means that we all have the skills, the time and the tools to make healthy choices and nutritious meals for our families. It means that healthy food is affordable, and easy to access, that we can find foods that fit with our cultural and religious values.

Below is just a snapshot of the activity I have noticed over the last while.  I am also positive that there are more activities to be announced. (feel free to comment below with missing activities)

Cultivating Farms, Farmers, and Food Security workshop , Salmonoids in the Classroom, Pro-D camps at the Quatse Salmon Stewardship Centre, Agricultural Opportunities workshop in Alert Bay, North Island Farmers and Artisans market had 2 winter markets, at least two school PAC’s sold Local to BC produce bundles for fundraising, The Good Food Box program continues to run in Gwasala NaxWaxDaxw, the students at Eke-Mi-ki have been smoking fish, Forks Over Knives film screening at SDA church, the community garden in Sointula became a non-profit, the Tsaxis Community Garden and Awinakola Project grows food (with the help of preschoolers) which is then enjoyed at the Elders luncheons, Sing Into Spring event in support of the Foodgrains Bank with the St. Columbas Anglican United Church, cheese making workshops happened,  KEDC built a cold storage facility in Port Hardy, many meals have been served at the Salvation Army, the Harvest Food Bank continues to provide food to people in need, the Sointula Community Market Stand is being stocked regular with fresh produce, foodsharing happens over fences and on social media, interest in school gardens and community gardens is rising,  a mushroom cultivation workshop with Grassroots Garden and Forest Farm, Seedy Saturday, the RDMW updated its regional plan including a new section on Agriculture, Food Connects Us All Health Forum, and the hosting of the Traditional Foods Conference in Tsaxis .

That is a lot of food related activity, right?

I’d like to propose an idea. I am wondering if the organizers of these events/activities, and any other invested people, projects and/or agencies would like to gather around a table, share our experiences, learn from the feedback we have received, and let each other know where we are headed in the future?

I see a great opportunity for regional networking and identifying any shared goals. I am thinking late May or early June? Together we would need to find a gathering place, and a time that works. It would also be great if someone would volunteer to chair the meeting. Let me know if you are in!

Email me at leslie.dyck11@gmail.com  or Call/Text: 250-230-1879

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