Farm to School BC Learning Session

Over the last year, a number of people have reached out to me with questions about school gardens – how do we get started, what should we plant, and are there any funding opportunities? To be honest, I am a beginning gardener and I have never been part of a school garden. BUT, one of the (many) cool things I get to do in my role as Coordinator of the Mount Waddington Community Foods Initiative is connecting with people who do have this expertise, and experience.

Within the “networking food hub model” and my role as “connector”, I get to help link you with resources within our community as well as highlight and connect you with similar work (and resources) being done across the island and beyond. These connections, of course, run both ways and it is always great to highlight and share the innovative work happening in our region as well. You can read more about the networking food hub model here.

Currently, I am helping to coordinate an island wide Farm to School BC webinar.

The purpose of this post is twofold. First of all, I am seeking participation from existing local groups, projects, and schools who do Farm to School type work. Asking, would you like to be a webinar presenter, sharing the good work you do linking learners to fresh locally grown food?  I know the expertise exists within our region ~ as many of you have connected with me 🙂 Please consider this invitation to share your learning journey, big or small ~ beginning projects or those more developed.

Secondly I’d like to ask your help with spreading the word about this upcoming event (date TBD but we are looking at May 18th 330-5:00). The invitation will be ready for circulation on April 27th and I’d like it to reach many inboxes across our region.

~ any guesses of how many interested people there are in the region?

It would be good for the invitation to reach interested school administrators and employees, PAC’s, volunteers, local groups… Please check back here on April 27th for the Event Bright invitation, and then share it with others. If you are a member of the MTWADFOODS listserve, the invite will come directly to your inbox. You can subscribe people to the email listserve here.

Farm to School BC Learning Session (below is a sneak peek at the details).

Learning Session Description (draft)

Want to start your own Farm to School program at your school and not sure where to start? Want to learn about innovative ways island schools are getting fresh local food into minds and on the plates of their students? The Vancouver Island Farm to School BC Webinar is bringing together schools and community organizations across the island that want to do Farm to School type programs in their schools. This webinar will explain what farm to school is, how to being building a program in your school and what other schools throughout the island are doing. There will opportunities to ask questions throughout the webinar.


thanks for reading all the way to the end of this post because, Ok there is a third task… it is an easy ~ but very important one….. I’d like to help tailor this event to our needs – please feel free to respond to me with questions you would like answered within the learning session, and I will help to get them onto the agenda.


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