Seedy Saturday ~ April 22nd!

In partnership with the North Island Farmers and Artisans market, the MW Community Foods Initiative is welcoming you to get involved in our annual Seedy Saturday event, which is on April 22.  This is a regional event, and your participation helps us grow every year. Seedy Saturdays are a great place to connect with other growers in the region, share and learn new skills, and help to build regional food security.
I have signed up to organize the free workshop part of the event. The workshops were a big hit last year, and we had some great local presenters come forward to share their skills.  The workshops each will be 30 minutes long, and time permitting we would like to offer them more than once over the course of the day.
I am looking for someone who could …
* show us how to care for and/or sharpen garden tools
* give us an intro to tree pruning
* teach us about composting
*show us how to 4 season garden
*teach us about seed saving
We would love to offer a variety of workshops, so if you have a skill you would like to share or a topic you would like to lead a discussion on please let me know.
Just like last year we also be offering table displays, a seed swap, a plant swap, a kidz zone, and hopefully have some things for sale as well.  So if hosting a workshop is not your thing, then please consider volunteering for one of these roles.  Another thing you could do is help us spread the word – when the time comes – as we are still working out the location and the times 🙂
Have a great weekend,
Leslie Dyck
Coordinator ~ Mount Waddington Community Food Initiative
ps is anyone else planting leeks in their greenhouse this weekend?
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