2017 North Island Farmers Markets

I often hear people say that they wish we could have a local Farmer’s Market.  Well, depending upon what the word “local” means to you, we do!

This year there will be at least 2 markets operating within the region 🙂

So far, there are two Farmers Markets in the region advertising market dates in 2017,  the North Island Farmers and Artisans Market, and the Port Alice Community Market. I will be sure to publish the full market schedules as soon as I see them.

Below are the dates being advertised for the North Island Farmers and Artisans Market.  The markets in February and April will be held indoors at the Lions Hall in Port McNeill.  New Vendors are always welcome ~ experienced or not.  Please email Neva or Shannon for more information at pmfarmersmarket@gmail.com




So far there is just one date being advertised by the Port Alice Community Market, which is February 11th, but I am certain there will be more dates announced soon.  This market started up last June and has been growing ever since.   More members are welcome.


The best place to watch for more information is on the Facebook page (search for “Port Alice Community Market”), but if you are not a Facebook user you can contact Rose at 250-284-3513 or email: dime@cablerocket.com






Are there any other Farmers Markets being planned for this upcoming season?  If so please let us know, and let me know how I can help things along 🙂

Leslie Dyck,

Coordinator, MW Community Foods Initiative



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2 Responses to 2017 North Island Farmers Markets

  1. tidesofchangealertbay says:

    Is this Food Initiative still ongoing?


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