Network Sharing ~ invitation to update!

Hello Everyone and Happy New Year!

Each month I attend the Mount Waddington Health Network (MWHN) Table of Partner (TOP) Meeting. This meeting is a gathering of partners from around the region representing work that is being done towards the Social Determinants of Health in our region. Each month the representatives are encouraged to share a monthly update through the lens of the social determinant in their focus.

As you know, a goal of the Mount Waddington Community Food Initiative is to help build a regional food focused network. Another goal is to help keep us informed and connected.
The Health Network TOP is an efficient way to help spread the word, there are currently 20+ regional partners from a broad range of organizations, at the table. Beyond the meeting, each of us is encouraged to share our learnings from the table with our home organizations and community.

I’d like to offer to share your food focused updates at the TOP.

To do so, I have created a simple google survey form that asks 2 questions:
1) What is your update for the group? (could include projects, asks for help, job postings, etc.)
2) Are there any upcoming events you want the group to know about?

If you would like to submit an update, please let me know and I will email you the survey. The survey will only take a few moments to fill out and you submit it electronically.   I’ll need the survey returned by the last day of each month.  Once the updates are compiled I will happily share them back with whoever would like to read them.

Updates big and small are welcome!

Community Health Networks are a great way to share information widely and efficiently. Let’s use our Health Network to help share our news.

Leslie Dyck ~ Coordinator, Mount Waddington Community Food Initiative


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