Goals of the Developing Hub

The goals listed below will be the focus of the work through January 2015 – March 2016.

Connecting with Island Wide Food Security Initiatives

  • Represent the Mt. Waddington region at the Food Security Community Advisory Committee events and meetings (October/November), annual strategic planning meeting (February/March) (in-person),  Food Security Community Advisory Committee teleconferences (bi-monthly), and Vancouver Island Coastal Communities Indigenous Food Network (VICCIFN) island-wide bridge-building event (October/November)

Building cross cultural understanding

  • Participate as a key stakeholder in the VICCIFN Building Bridges for Cultural Understanding (Summer/Fall 2014) and help to engage with prospective participants within the region

Development of a food security advisory committee

  • Engage stakeholders in the establishment of a regional food security advisory committee to enable: strategic action and partnerships on food security issues; sharing of information and resources; development of policies supporting food security. (Stakeholder groups include:  non-profit, Agriculture, Fisheries, food processing, food retail/food services, local government, First Nations, Education and Health/Health Protection

Regional communication related to Food Security

  • Facilitate regional communication and outreach to educate, inform and mobilize community members around community food security activities, resources and issues

North Island food system gathering

  • Facilitate information sharing and networking by coordinating a North Island Food Systems event for key food security stakeholders and interested community members across the region.

Professional development event for service providers and other food security stakeholders

  • Support professional skill development and networking by coordinating a regional learning event for service providers and other stakeholders working to improve food security.


  • Maintain Living Documents: Action Plan Framework, Needs Assessment
  • Seeking additional funding for related work

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